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At Sprezzatura Imports, our mission is to help you create a coffee experience for your customers that keeps them coming back, and keeps your coffee shop flourishing. We’ve built a successful coffee shop business from the ground up, and are here to help you succeed as well.


In Italy, to taste an espresso represents a ritual, a lifestyle that indiscriminately involves men and women since the beginning. We believe coffee is so much more than a drink, it truly is an experience. And the more your can create a rich, fulfilling experience for our customers, the more your business will thrive.

We are the only wholesale distributor of ICAF in the United States.


We’ve been there and done that, and have successfully built a thriving coffee shop from the ground up. We are here to offer not only exceptional, wholesale, Italian roasted coffee beans, but also to teach you how to create an experience your customers will come back for, over and over.

Here to offer you our knowledge, experience & exceptional  coffee.

One on One Support.

Our owner, Trinity Rodriguez, has been in the coffee shop business for over 18 years and she’s committed to helping you succeed. She knows switching is a big deal, because she’s been there. She knows determining profit margins can be a tricky thing. She’s here to help you break it down and be successful.

Consistency & a good product, at an amazing price…these are the keys to success. Let’s get you in the driver’s seat.

Offering icaf COFFEE

Available Exclusively Through Sprezzatura Imports…You Won’t Find this Coffee at Wholesale Prices Anywhere Else!

ICAF CREMA SETTEGRANI and pleasant offering remote sensations, exotic wood essence, toasted hazelnuts, and a clean light aftertaste.


A lively blend with a spicy aroma, an intense fullness and a slight acidity, defined by a strong taste of spicy wood.


Strong, full-bodied and intense coffee. Offers a spicy taste with notes of toasted bread and a lingering sweet aftertaste.


Arabica green coffee beans from South America are decaffeinated through the most modern systems, using only natural substances. Light, traditional.


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The Sprezzatura Imports Story

In Italian, Sprezzatura means “easy elegance”. We believe great coffee and a great coffee experience should reflect exactly this.

Trinity Rodriguez – Owner/Founder Sprezzatura Imports

from one coffee shop owner to another

I am a small business coffee shop owner that has decided to branch out. It has always been a struggle to get great coffee at prices that I could actually make a profit on. If the coffee was a good price I always felt like it could taste better, if it was great coffee I couldn’t afford it. Not anymore!

I am here to help my fellow coffee shop owners turn a profit and make their customers extremely happy by giving them access to amazing coffee!

One on One support

Working with Sprezzatura Imports, you’ll have exclusive access to our owner, Trinity. What does that mean exactly? She’s here to help you not only offer great coffee, but to also to answer business questions, help you determine profit margins, become consistent, find solutions for issues you’re facing, and become profitable.

Each one of her customers has access to her personal attention, she’ll be available to you anytime.

Contact Trinity directly, below, or get a preview of what she has to offer on her Facebook page.

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